How Prehab 101 and Crowdbotics Built a Workout Planner That Helps You “Come Back Stronger”

Dr. Jacob Harden is a chiropractor and injury rehab expert whose fitness app Prehab 101 uses an algorithm to create a reactive workout experience optimized for each user.

Prehab 101 + Crowdbotics

Prehab 101 creates custom workouts based on each user’s recovery progression.

“Crowdbotics guided me through a wireframing session that completely clarified my vision for building the best app possible.”

Users drive the app’s recommendations with regular feedback.

“Crowdbotics helped me add features that I liked from other apps and put my own spin on their designs.”

Prehab 101 includes a daily and weekly planner full of custom workouts.
In-app guidance and demonstrations help users exercise properly.

“I wasn’t sure if some of my more ambitious ideas were going to be possible, but the Crowdbotics team stepped up and was able to make it happen.”

Jacob Harden, founder of Prehab 101



Director of Marketing @ Crowdbotics

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