At Crowdbotics, we’re building a platform that eliminates common sticking points in the software development lifecycle to make development faster, easier, and more accessible to non-technical users. This year, we’ve decided to tackle one of the biggest sticking points there is: the design-to-development disconnect.

To put it simply, most designers…

Santiago Freyria is the head of product at InnerPlant, a startup that codes signaling capabilities into the DNA of crops to detect threats within 24 hours of emergence.

InnerPlant + Crowdbotics

Santiago Freyria knows what it takes to build a great product. As the first product manager and second overall hire at Clip, he played a key role in growing the company to over 200 employees and a nearly $400 million valuation. …

Dr. Jacob Harden is a chiropractor and injury rehab expert whose fitness app Prehab 101 uses an algorithm to create a reactive workout experience optimized for each user.

Prehab 101 + Crowdbotics

When Jacob Harden first decided to build Prehab 101, he planned to release it as a website. It soon became clear, however, that he could deliver more value to users by building a native app. “Having a mobile app is better than telling people, ‘Oh, we’ve optimized our website for…

John Bender

Marketing Manager @ Crowdbotics

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