At Crowdbotics, we’re building a platform that eliminates common sticking points in the software development lifecycle to make development faster, easier, and more accessible to non-technical users. This year, we’ve decided to tackle one of the biggest sticking points there is: the design-to-development disconnect.

Why are design and development disconnected?

To put it simply, most designers don’t develop apps, and most developers don’t design them. These two teams use different tools, follow different workflows, and report to different managers. …

Santiago Freyria is the head of product at InnerPlant, a startup that codes signaling capabilities into the DNA of crops to detect threats within 24 hours of emergence.

InnerPlant + Crowdbotics

Santiago Freyria knows what it takes to build a great product. As the first product manager and second overall hire at Clip, he played a key role in growing the company to over 200 employees and a nearly $400 million valuation. In his subsequent tenures as a consultant ( BCG), investment analyst ( Bee Partners), co-founder ( Callisto, StEP), MBA student (UC Berkeley ‘20), and now head of product at InnerPlant, his passion for product execution has only grown.

So when he approached Crowdbotics to build InnerPlant’s MVP, he knew what he was doing. “I received very positive feedback from…

Although it has a reputation for rapid innovation and constant upheaval, today’s software development industry is really a mature, established market. Tech giants have been building and maintaining large-scale software products for decades now, and even young upstarts and disruptors tend to follow a clearly defined process for raising money and growing their teams.

One side effect of this stability is that software buyers and sellers have settled on a common understanding about how app development should work. …

Dr. Jacob Harden is a chiropractor and injury rehab expert whose fitness app Prehab 101 uses an algorithm to create a reactive workout experience optimized for each user.

Prehab 101 + Crowdbotics

When Jacob Harden first decided to build Prehab 101, he planned to release it as a website. It soon became clear, however, that he could deliver more value to users by building a native app. “Having a mobile app is better than telling people, ‘Oh, we’ve optimized our website for a mobile experience,’” says Jacob. “With the app, we’re able to do a lot more in terms of logic.”

His search for a trusted mobile development partner led him to Crowdbotics. Prehab 101 is powered by an algorithm that intelligently adapts the user’s workout regimen according to their feedback after…

The year 2020 has given us a chance to embrace our creative side and replace the traditional work-from-office model with widespread permission to work from home. Before COVID, freelancers were often rejected in job interviews on the pretense that they lack corporate exposure. But the scenario has changed significantly as a number of reputable businesses and companies are shifting to working remotely.

However, the debate is still hot on the topic of which arrangement is better and productive. According to an article by, people become less innovative while working under the pressure of being watched. …

Have an idea for an app but don’t quite know where to start? It can be intimidating to develop software without the experience or know-how it takes to actually build a product.

At Crowdbotics, we’re ready to help you close that gap and turn your idea into a market-ready software application. Join us every week to take a tour of the Crowdbotics App Builder and learn how to use our tools.

Each Wednesday morning, the Crowdbotics product team will take you on a deep dive into the App Builder toolset and teach you how to quickly transform your idea into…

Understanding GPT-3 and Its Implications

OpenAI’s new neural network-powered language generator, GPT-3, has whipped up a media frenzy since the first wave of users obtained access to its private beta in mid-July. Hobbyists are already successfully testing a variety of impressive applications for the tool, ranging from visual design to poetry.

GPT-3’s capacity to interpret and respond to plain language prompts can seem indistinguishable from human intelligence, and the tool consistently performs at a much higher level than any other public neural network generator (including GPT-2, its predecessor).

On the surface, GPT-3’s impressive leap forward doesn’t appear to be the result of a groundbreaking shift…

‘Auto-generated code’ is a deservedly hyped use case for GPT-3 but, as a marketer, I think about content creation more broadly.

We have been experimenting with the GPT-3 beta at Crowdbotics and, like some others, we have already been able to produce some compelling results in natural-language-to-code applications. Tools incorporating this technology have the potential to be industry-changing. More interesting results with GPT-3 at Crowdbotics here.

That being said, GPT still has a ways to go before replacing software developers. However, GPT-3 is currently at parody with some forms of low- to -mid-end commercial content production. …

Aesthetics refers to the visual appearance of the website, web application, or mobile app developed using front-end technologies. It encompasses the overall layout with different components, menus, buttons, images, icons, colors, fonts, etc. It also incorporates interactive features, such as sounds, animations, symbols, etc. Together, these features create a user-friendly appearance and leave an impact on the intended audience.

Aesthetics act as the reflection of the company, and they should be designed according to the nature and genre of the business. Many new applications utilize single-page responsive sites to display desired components on the screen for users to engage with…

Project management (PM), a basic foundation for the successful accomplishment of a project’s goals, is a common requirement across all industrial sectors. In order to meet strict deadlines and to make project workflows efficient, there is a huge set of project management methodologies that can be used to reduce potential risks.


In this article, I’ll walk through various approaches of project management in the following order:

  • A Brief Introduction to PM Methodologies
  • Most Common PM Methodologies (Waterfall, Agile, Scrum)
  • Alternative PM Methodologies
  • Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)
  • Conclusion

Introduction to PM Methodologies

In the fast-paced business world, it…

John Bender

Marketing Manager @ Crowdbotics

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